Natural Look Soft Triangle


These unique Triangle forms are extremely soft, lifelike and fit beautifully in any bra. They have our patented and exclusively designed internal textured nipple that blends smoothly across the form to look and feel just like real nipples. The new outer polyurethane membrane is very supple with a more matte appearance to offer a natural look and softer "bouncier" feel.

This semi-full triangle shape is symmetrical and easily fits any body type. It is fuller in the front to give greater projection over the entire form and has a unique custom adhesive back layer of silicone that allows forms to adhere to the body for a secure fit. The back adhesive pads can be easily removed and new ones applied if the forms begin to lose "stickiness". Remove the old pads and replace with new ones to increase the life of the forms. No one else has anything like this.

Includes FREE sample pack of sticky pads and skin tack wipes

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