Wig Types

Wig Types and Construction

Our wigs are all made from synthetic human-made fibre.

Monofilament caps are found on higher-end wigs with a superior design. A monofilament wig refers to the design of the cap into wig the hair strands are sown. The term monofilament means a single strand of synthetic or human-made fibre. Monofilament wigs are hand-made: each strand of hair is hand-tied into the cap.

Monofilament wigs are very natural looking with a very realistic appearance. Their design enables the wearer to style it easily by brushing it in their chosen direction and achieve a very natural appearance and movement. They are also very breathable wigs: this makes them a comfortable choice as it discourages the build-up of sweat under the wig.

A partial monofilament wig offers some of the benefits of a full monofilament wig, but at a reduced cost. They have a monofilament section in the part area, enabling the wearer an excellent choice in brushing and styling.

A double layer monofilament top adds a second soft layer for additional comfort.

A lace cap is similar in construction to the monofilament design, with each strand of hair being tied by hand onto a lace cap. A lace cap gives a realistic look of hair growth at the front of the cap. The design is great for staying cool when wearing the wig.

A wefted cap is a cap made by machine. This construction is the most affordable wig type. These wigs are great for those who only wear a wig on an occasional basis. Wefted wigs can either have an open cap or be sown into a more substantial top made of lace. Wefted wigs have a slight frizz at the root of the hair fibres called permatease, adding volume to the hair and enabling more natural movement. Some people do not like this wavy effect at the hair roots: choosing a darker hair colour helps to hide this permatease effect more readily than lighter coloured wigs.

At TransCare, we stock the following wig types:

Monofilament Cap

One of the most realistic wigs, with natural movement and easy styling. Monofilament wigs are available in our Hi-Fashion and Noriko collections.

Part Monofilament Cap

These are an economical alternative to a full monofilament cap. These caps retain some of the movement and styling benefits. The partial monofilament cap has different locations depending on the cap type. A partial monofilament centre cap has the monofilament top at the centre: they are a great choice for easy directional movement. Other partial monofilament wigs have the top to one side: a perfect choice for off the face styling.

Part monofilament wigs are available in our Noriko and Hi-Fashion collections.

Double Monofilament Cap

These wig types are available in our Amore collection: they provide a comfortable, smooth fit.

Lace Caps

Lace caps feature hand-tied front section; some caps also add a parting section. This construction provides an invisible and natural hairline. These wigs are available in our Amore, Hi-Fashion and Noriko collections.

Lace with Part Monofilament Caps

Partial monofilament caps are also constructed with a lace front: the monofilament section gives the appearance of natural-looking hair and is easily parted. The lace front mimics a natural hairline. This wig type is available in our Hi-Fashion collection.

Machine Wefted Caps

Machine wefted caps are an economical, classic construction. These wigs are available in our Amore, Hi-Fashion and Noriko collections.

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