Breast Forms - Shapes

Picking the right shape

Asymmetric breast forms are oval with the addition of a narrow tail which points into arm-pit area and come as a left-handed and a right-handed pair. They mimic the shape of genetic ladies' breasts. They are great if you have broader shoulder as create illusion of more natural look.

Triangular breast forms also mimic a genetic breast but with added droop and exaggerated projections for a more supermodel (but less natural) look.

Teardrop-shaped breasts (oval-shaped) - can worn in different directions for example horizontal (with the oval pointing towards the arm) or in the direction of the bra strap. Tear-drop shape gives a natural look.

For ladies starting or using hormones, the queen enhancer gives a little more bulk to the breast area; you can also use a boob booster or chicken fillets (as they are affectionately known). These can help push up the existing growth to give the impression of a larger breast. These enhancers are also beneficial for someone of a larger form they may be pushed underneath your flesh to push up and expand the look of a natural-looking breast.

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