Serving Trans and Genetic ladies alike

We offer a personal and discreet service given by Transcare's trained personnel and can mail order products or accept personal visits by appointment. We have trained hairdressers, beauticians and camouflage consultants (Beard cover cream ) whom have worked with the TG community for some 28 years. You can browse wigs, breast forms, beard cover (Derma Color) and many other products that suit the TG world online or in our shop, with refreshments if you visit. Why not make use of expert advice regarding make up and presentation. We even supply a wonderful dressing service for those who are not ready to attend the regular parties (you supply your own clothes). We'll even teach you how to apply your make up with our hands on techniques in a personal one to one make up lesson. TransCare is the sister company of TransLiving Internationl, the global TV/TS magazine and support group

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