DermaColor Setting Powder - 60g

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DermaColor Setting powder - 60g Pot

For setting the foundation and giving a matt look to the skin. Also, has some water proof properties to help it stay on in the wet.

For best results - DermaColor Cover Crème fits in with your everyday skin care routine and is easy to apply.

1. Moisturise your skin as usual. DermaColor Maximum Moisturiser will give you excellent protection against the damaging effects of the sun.  Leave moisturiser a few minutes to settle and sink in to the skin

2. Place a small amount of Cover Crème in the palm of your hand using the DermaColor spatula.  Then, with a circular motion, soften the cream with your finger for easy application. Using a dab-pat motion, apply the cream with the tip of your finger a DermaColor sponge to blend and smooth until the imperfection is completely covered.  Less is better than more, so build up the coverage gradually to get the most natural result. Allow to settle for about 3 minutes.

3. It is vital to set the Cover crème so it won’t rub off. To do this you need DermaColor Setting Powder, a colourless powder which absorbs facial oils and gives the Cover Crème a smudge proof finish. Simply shake DermaColor Setting Powder onto a puff and dust on.  Wait of 5 minutes before dusting off the excess.  Then you’ll have a make-up that lasts the whole day through.

There are now two darker shades for those who have a darker skin tone.

4. DermaColor Cleanser will remove your Cover Crème instantly without chaffing your skin.

To use DermaColor Cover Crème as a foundation to get a flawless, even complexion, follow the above instructions.  Once the Cover Crème is set with DermaColor Setting Powder, apply your other make up as usual.