DermaColor Leg and Body Cover

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DermaColor Leg and Body Cover

This waterproof formula is designed to cover larger imperfections on the body such as varicose veins, spider veins, age spots, tattoos, stretch marks, bruises and scars.  Not only does it glide on easily, or won’t streak or smear.  DermaColor Leg and Body Cover is available in a range of natural shades.

For best results

1. Begin by moisturising the area to be covered.

2. Choose a shade that is close to, but slightly darker than, your skin tone.  Squeeze a small amount of Leg and Body Cover into the palm of your hand.  Using an up and down action, spread evenly on the blemished area with your fingertips.  It is important to work quickly, blending out all the edges.

3. To ensure smudge proof wear, allow Leg and Body cover 10 minutes to dry and then follow with DermaColor setting Powder.

4. DermaColor Cleanser will remove your Leg and Body Cover instantly.

Leg and body cover may also be used on the face; it is useful for people who are in a latter stage of electrolysis.

It is useful to make the tube warm before application, shake well and roll between hands, this way it ensure the liquid necessary to make an even mix of colour blends in with the  cream to spread easy.